Streets of New Capenna Collector Booster Pack

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Discover New Capenna, a city full of splendor! But behind this beautiful appearance lies a dangerous underworld… Five mafia families are pulling the strings here. The ancient aristocracy of the Maestros, the innovative mages of the Obscura, the industrial brutes of the Riveteers, the brash revelers of the Cabaretti, and the wily jurists of the Brokers struggle for power over the streets of New Capenna. Which family can count on your loyalty?

A collector booster is a limited-edition booster filled with beautiful premium cards for the collector! In collector boosters you can find unique cards with extended art, cards with special frames (borderless planeswalkers or showcase frame) and many foils. A unique foil token is also included!

A Streets of New Capenna collector booster contains 16 Magic: the Gathering cards of which:

  • 1 Gilded foil, foil-etched or traditional rainbow foil rare or mythic rare.*
  • 1 Gilded foil or traditional rainbow foil showcase common or uncommon.*
  • 1 Showcase, Phyrexian language of borderless rare or mythic rare
  • 1 Extended-art commander rare or mythic rare
  • 1 Extended art main set rare or mythic rare
  • 1 Foil rare or mythic rare
  • 2 Showcase commons or uncommons
  • 2 foil uncommons
  • 4 foil commons
  • 1 Foil full art metropolis basic land
  • 1 Foil double-sided token

*In Collector Boosters you can find different foilings. The traditional rainbow foil, foil-etched and especially for Streets of New Capenna: Gilded Foils. These cards have a gold-colored 3D embossing for a luxurious look.