Pictures of the Floating World

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Ukiyo-e, a popular style of Japanese art from the 1600s–1800s, roughly translates to “pictures of the floating world.” This tracks, because these lands are so beautiful they’ll send you careering off into the atmosphere. Artists AMAYAGIDO, AOJI MAIKO, Nagano, SHIE NANAHARA, and TOMOHITO portray the cycle of hideaway lands in a way you’ve never seen them before.


  • 1x Windbrisk Heights by TOMOHITO
  • 1x Shelldock Isle by AMAYAGIDO
  • 1x Howltooth Hollow by SHIE NANAHARA
  • 1x Spinerock Knoll by Nagano
  • 1x Mosswort Bridge by AOJI MAIKO

Cards will be available in Japanese only