Modern Horizons 2 Draft Booster Box

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Are you ready to take your decks to the next level? Then Modern Horizons 2 is the perfect product for you! This set is packed with mighty cards that can be played directly in Modern. Old favorites will make their debut in Modern - many for the first time in Modern, but you will also find long-awaited reprints.

In addition, Modern Horizons 2 also includes powerful new additions to Commander and other Eternal formats. Also in these boosters you will find beautiful new versions of cards - the nostalgic, classic look and the sketch cards that give you a glimpse into the artistic process of your favorite artist. How do you get the most out of this set full of possibilities?

Draft boosters are the foundation of every Magic: the Gathering Set. These boosters are ideal for limited play such as boosterdraft or sealed deck.

A boosterbox Modern Horizons 2 contains 36 draft boosters. A draft booster of Modern Horizons 2 contains 16 Magic: the Gathering cards which:

- 1 rare or mythic rare.
- 1 new-in-modern reprint, can be of any rarity.
- 3 uncommons.
- 10 commons.
- 1 token.

In more than one out of eight draft boosters you will not find a rare, but a mythic rare! In approximately one in three boosters, instead of a common, you will find a foil card that can have any rarity. You also have a chance to find a card with the special showcase frame or a borderless planeswalker in a booster!

New in modern reprint
For Modern Horizons 2, a special slot in the booster is reserved for the reprint of a card that was not previously legal to play in modern. This card features brand new art and has the old set logo in the textbox as a nod to the past. This card's rarity ranges from common to mythic rare giving you a chance to find two rares in every booster!