Commander Masters Collector Booster Box

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Commander Masters Collector Booster Box.

Commander Masters is the first Masters set developed for the hugely popular Magic: the Gathering format: Commander! Each booster pack is loaded with the strongest and most wanted reprints in Commander history. What's more, the showcase cards in Commander Masters are all impressive works of art!

A collector booster is a limited-edition booster filled to the brim with the most beautiful premium cards for the collector! In collector boosters you will find unique cards such as the collector booster exclusive extended art cards, beautiful borderless showcase cards and various types of foils. Multiple traditional foil cards and exclusive to collector boosters; foil-etched and textured foil cards! Also a unique foil token is not missing!

Steal the show at the commander table and make your deck shine like never before with the cards from collector boosters from Commander Masters!

A collector Booster Box from Commander Masters contains 4 boosters. A collector booster of Commander Masters contains 16 Magic: the Gathering cards of which:

  • 1 foil or textured foil borderless rare or mythic rare.
  • 1 foil-etched rare or mythic- rare.
  • 1 foil or non-foil extended art rare or mythic rare.
  • 1 borderless rare or mythic rare.
  • 1 foil rare or mythic rare.
  • 1 foil borderless common or uncommon.
  • 2 borderless commons or uncommons.
  • 2 foil uncommons.
  • 4 foil commons.
  • 1 foil retro frame basic land.
  • 1 foil double sided token.

A collector booster is guaranteed to contain five rares or mythic rares. A collector booster also contains at least five borderless showcase art cards with a chance of a textured-foil card, one foil-etched card, an extended-art card from the new commander cards and nine to eleven foil cards in total.